July 20, 2012


New research, launched by IPC Media, has found that magazines drive consumers toward purchase, are highly engaging and trusted, and are the medium most likely to hold consumers’ sole attention.

The study—titled “AdSense”—sought to test the effectiveness of magazine advertising and understand its role in the overall media mix. Thirteen brands, including Persil, Clarks, Howdens, Veet, Boots, Corsodyl, Ribena, Vera Wang fragrance, E45 and Batiste, across six categories were included in this collaborative project. “AdSense” evaluated two different advertisements for each brand and analysed the impact the ads had on consumers.

The study found that magazines are highly engaging, with 49 percent of respondents turning to magazines for “me time” and 45 percent to treat themselves. It also discovered that regardless of the age of the consumer magazines are trusted. The study found that:

  • 18 percent of all magazine readers said they trust magazine advertising and amongst heavy

magazine readers this rises to 24 percent, and

  • overall, magazine adverts are 80 percent more likely to be trusted than newspaper adverts and

125 percent more trusted that radio adverts.