October 26, 2012

Artists, Books, and Cookies with ForYourArt, Paper Chase Press, and many more!

ForYourArt and Mexico City-based Biblioteca Alumnos47 will host a one-day event devoted to artists’ books at ForYourArt’s 6020 Wilshire Blvd. activity space. Artists’ Books and Cookies will feature presentations by contemporary artists, historians, curators, and critics that relate to the production of artists’ books, their history, and their future.

To accompany the discussions, Top Chef Masters Judge and LAist Food Editor Krista Simmons will select cookies from across Los Angeles to present throughout the day as refreshments and to encourage mingling and dialogue. The event will bring academic minds, artistic talents, and people simply curious to know more about artists’ books together for these informal and formal exchanges, which will be streamed live by KCHUNG Radio.

Artists’ Books and Cookies will kick-off with a lecture by scholar Johanna Drucker, author of the groundbreaking study The Century of Artists’ Books (Granary Books, 1995), a professor at UCLA, and a book artist herself.

The event will continue with a series of presentations by artists, each invited by a member of the Los Angeles art community to speak about recent book projects. Participants include: Mark Allen, Lisa Anne Auerbach, Andrew Berardini, Dagny Corcoran, Akina Cox, Johanna Drucker , Morgan Fisher, Emi Fontana, Cesar Garcia, Rita Gonzalez, William E. Jones, Brian Kennon , Chris Lipomi, Aram Moshayedi, Carter Mull, Laura Owens, Brian Roettinger, Christopher Russell, Ed Schad, Mary Weatherford, Jesse Willenbring, and Sarah Williams.

Through these conversations, Artists’ Books and Cookies will provide a platform to discuss the definition of an artist book and the medium of artists’ books within today’s contemporary art landscape. Topics include: Has the innovation and promise of book projects from the 1960s played itself out? Could the 21st Century be the century of the artist book and of the art object’s democratization?

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