August 30, 2012

Killing The Messenger: 70 Deaths Total for First Half of 2012

At least 70 journalists and support staff were killed covering the news in the first half of this year in one of the bloodiest periods of recent times.

Fifteen were confirmed dead in Syria alone between January and June, according to the biannual Killing The Messenger survey of news media casualties carried out for INSI by Cardiff School of Journalism.

The next worst countries were Nigeria, where seven unidentified newspaper staff were killed by a bomb, Brazil, Somalia, Indonesia, where five journalists died in a plane crash, and Mexico.

The toll compares with 124 for the whole of 2011 and 56 for the first seven months of last year. And 70 may be a conservative figure as INSI has recorded the deaths of an additional 30 news people where it was unclear whether the killings were related to their work.

INSI invites anyone with more information on any of those unexplained deaths to make contact.

“Journalists are more than ever in the cross-hairs of the enemies of freedom,” said INSI Director Rodney Pinder.

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