November 2, 2012

LA Catches on to Artist Book Fair

A wide range of artwork, delicious assorted cookies, and a relaxed atmosphere filled the room of artists who discussed their work. That’s what the Artists, Books and Cookies event that was held on Saturday, October 27 by  ForYourArt and Mexico City-based Biblioteca Alumnos47, was like.  The endless line-up of artists interacted with audience members during presentations and short breaks.

Guests were given an alternative perspective on existing works of art and a better understanding of the pieces displayed. We admired the dedication these artists had to continue to print their material rather than rely solely on newer technologies. The back of the room displayed books and other material that these guest speakers informed their audience about.  This event was particularly special because this was one of the first artist book fairs in Los Angeles to incorporate both artists works and culinary creatives . These events are  frequently conducted in New York City. Artists’ Books and Cookies wound up being a successful, informative, and fun gathering that will hopefully grow and expand in the future.

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Photos by: Robbie Acklen and Lauren Graycar.