February 6, 2012

Letterpress on Ice in Minnesota

It doesn’t take much for artistic Minnesotans in the middle of winter, surrounded by 10,000 lakes to come up with an idea on how to embrace their current situation. Every year, the Art Shanty Project is brought to life and a neighborhood of unique and bizarre shanties are compiled into an unstructured, yet someone unified creation of something fantastic… on a frozen lake.

This year was the emergence of the letterpress shanty. Letterpress on ice! The whole idea was brought forth by a few particular artists, MC Hyland and Jeff and John Peterson, who were inside working on the daily edition of ‘Shantyquarian’. A daily newspaper printed in the shanty, consisting of that day’s most interesting tweets they received. A full day task, they set the type in the morning, edit it in the early afternoon and by two o’clock are printing endless copies of that day’s paper, giving a copy to everyone who enters. And by the end of the night, they are putting away all the type by candle light.

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