June 17, 2013


The concept of artist as archivist lives on at the Library of the Printed Web, a new project which takes data found online and transforms it into printed matter. The artists who work within the realm of online mediums are hunter-gatherers of sorts, sifting and searching through endless data before interpreting and compiling their findings into unique narratives. The Library of the Printed Web accumulates these accumulations into a tightly curated collection of virtually brand new work–most of the pieces 5 years old or younger.

The modern idea behind Printed Web is highly indicative of the modern enthusiasm behind the print-on-demand perks of self-publishing, and mirrors the instant-gratification associated with online media. A unique aspect of the project is the un-rarified personality of the collection, none of the works within will ever go out of print and thus it is an “inherently not precious” body. Such a characteristic gives the collection a straight-forward, utilitarian vibe.

Besides being simple in its availability, the project functions as an indicator on the ways in which print is changing due to increased web uses. The overarching theme between each book in the collection, is that of technology today, the growing collection directly translates the changing culture of technology–and our relationship with it–in real time.

Read more about the collection here, or visit the Library of Printed Web online.

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