July 13, 2012


30 years of stories that promote equality. 30 years of building community. 30 years of inspiring artists. 30 years of changing lives. For three decades Outfest has led the charge, ensuring that stories of LGBT people are created, shared and protected…stories that depict the rich diversity of who we are as individuals, families and communities…stories that educate, entertain and inspire!

Outfest grew out of a need for lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people to see ourselves reflected on screen. Since 1982 we have shown over 5,600 hundred films to audiences of a million people, but the ripple effect of our work is even larger. Films that have been developed in our labs, restored by the Legacy Project and picked up for distribution from our festivals have screened around the world, contributing to the movement for acceptance and equality of all LGBT people.

We are proud to celebrate 30 years of remarkable history, as we look toward the future and lay the groundwork for the next 30! We are expanding our reach by focusing on mentorship and education, and through our strategic partnership with NewFest in New York, beginning the process of becoming a national organization.

This anniversary is a testament to the dedication of volunteers, filmmakers, members and audiences that have been participating in Outfest for 30 years! You are the heart of Outfest. I look forward to celebrating this anniversary and many more with you!

-Kirsten Schaffer, Outfest 2012 Executive Director

General admission tickets for Outfest 2012 go on sale tomorrow, July 14. Don’t forget to buy your tickets and check out some amazing films.

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