May 21, 2013


Australian airline, Qantas, is launching its own book series intended to offer a unique flying experience to its passengers. The line, called “Stories For Every Journey,” features one-of-a-kind books, each tailored to last the exact duration of your flight.

The airline partnered with ad agency Droga5, and publishing company Hachette to create the novels–which are geared towards more upscale customers–written by various Australian authors. Each novel promises to only take a brief amount of time to read, yet last just long enough to finish by the time the plane touches down.

In reference to the new venture, Droga5’s creative chairman, David Nobay, told Ad Age last week, “It occurred to us that, in this world of Kindles and iPads, the last bastion of the humble, paperback novel is actually at 40,000 feet. Just take a look at the bulging shelves at any airport bookstore.”

Read more about the flight-length books here.

Photo from Design Taxi.

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