June 28, 2012


A personal message is more and more often sent digitally. Intangible, floating in the air, only readable on a screen. The Cryptographer generates pattern by translating words to a code. Bleached into fabric the message becomes tangible. Invisible words, with a physical impact. Controlled by text messaging each character is transformed into a specified icon, resulting in ever changing patterns, depending on the users input.

The bleach process is applied by a pen attached to the print head of the Cryptographer. Reacting differently on each textile dye the bleached shades vary. Size and scale of the pattern is determined by the amount of words send to the printer. The project will be presented for the first time at Dutch Invertuals ‘Retouched’ during Salone del Mobile in Milano from 17-22nd of April.

To read more about this aesthetically and conceptually beautiful project, click here.